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Backyard Animals...

Cawing crows, slithering snakes, and hovering hummingbirds. Whether we live in the city or the country, we share our world with Backyard Animals. These neighborhood critters are cute and furry, fast and flighty, friend and foe. This series introduces the unique features of these wild animals, including their habitats, life cycles, physical characteristics, diets, and defenses. In the sky or on the ground, backyard animals are all around!

Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards.

"Each book takes a fairly comprehensive look at the featured animal, covering habitats, behavior, physical features, diet, and defense in straightforward, fact-filled fashion. High-quality photos are neatly arranged to support the textual topic and provide plenty of visual variety. Nearly all of the images show the animals in the wild, though, rather than interacting with human environments as the series title might suggest. VERDICT Although not highly dynamic, these are fine choices to fill subject needs."- School Library Journal

• Author: Kristin Petrie
• Reading Level: Grade 4, Interest Level: Grades 3-6
• Full Color Photographs, 32 pages, Reinforced Library Bound Hardcovers
• School & Library: $20.95 each (30% off list)
• Nonfiction, 2015
• 6 Volume “Backyard Animals” Set
 - 5657-6 - $125.70


Backyard Animals
American Crows
Cottontail Rabbits
Garter Snakes




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