Dragon Sitter

Dragonsitter ...

Originally published in the U.K., this entertaining series opener from Lacey (Island of Thieves) takes place over a chaotic week in which Edward Smith-Pickle and his family look after a dragon belonging to his Uncle Morton. The story unfolds almost entirely through Edward’s increasingly harried emails to his uncle: “Dear Uncle Morton, What’s a tether? I don’t know and Mom won’t tell me, but she’s at the end of hers.” The emails go unanswered, leading Edward to worry about Uncle Morton’s safety. Parsons’s b&w cartoons, cleverly framed as photos attached to Edward’s emails, reveal a house in ruin, with curtains aflame, a gaping hole in the fridge, and neighborhood cats fleeing in terror. The discovery that dragons love chocolate helps set things right, paving the way for future destructive adventures.

Dragonsitter ...

• Author: Josh Lacey
• Ages: 6-10
• Grades: 1-3
• 96 Pages
• Hardcover Editions, $14.99/$15.00 each

Dragon Sitter (6 titles)
The Dreagonsitter – Dragonsitter #1 - Available in PB only
The Dragonsitter Takes Off – Dragonsitter #2
The Dragonsitter’s Castle: Dragonsitter #3
The Dragonsitter’s Island – Dragonsitter #4
The Dragonsitter’s Party – Dragonsitter #5
The Dragonsitter to the Rescue– Dragonsitter #6
$ 5.99


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