Jupiter Pirates

Jupiter Pirates ...

When you're a privateer, running a starship is a family business. For Tycho Hashoone, his twin sister, Yana, and their older brother, Carlo, the family business is far from easy.

Following the catastrophic Battle of 624, Hektor, the Jovian Union outlawed space piracy but offered letters of marque to any pirates who were willing to turn privateer. The Hashoone family accepted the offer and their starship has been harrying Earth merchant ships ever since. Tycho, 12, is at the helm as the Comet captures what seems to be an ordinary freighter. When the privateer boarding party tries to collect its prize, the freighter claims to be on a diplomatic mission, but the "diplomat" looks more like a seedy space tough than a respectable Earth official. Tycho's mother, the privateer captain, decides to take the captured ship—and the case—to the admiralty court at the neutral settlement on Ceres. There's plenty of sci-fi action, and readers will admire and envy the respect and responsibility that adult characters give to Tycho and his crew members. – Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review

Jupiter Pirates ...

• Author: Jason Fry
• Ages: 8-12
• Grades: 3-6
• 272 - 448 Pages
• Hardcover Editions

Jupiter Pirates (3 titles)
Hunt for the Hydra – Jupiter Pirates #1
Curse of the Iris – Jupiter Pirates #2
The Rise of the Earth – Jupiter Pirates #3


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