Dog Diaries

Dog Diaries ...

For anyone who has ever wanted a puppy, the DOG DIARIES series tells a dog's story in a new way--from a dog's point of view! Focusing on a different breed for each book, these stories are based on true dog stories or on true-to-life situations. With realistic black-and-white illustrations by renowned illustrator Tim Jessel and a factual appendix, dog-loving early chapter book readers will beg for more!

Each book is meticulously researched and includes links to primary source material, breed information and detailed historical references.

Dash - English Springer Spaniel: A dog's-eye view of the Mayflower voyage and the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Colony!
Sweetie - Foxhound: George Washington’s transformation from farmer to Father of Our Country
Stubby – Bull Dog mix: Seargent Stubby was the mascot for the 26th Yankee division in World War I
Fala – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Scottie dog Fala helps run a nation!
Sparky – Dalmation: a no-nonsense fire dog meets her match in the biggest, hottest flames Chicago has ever seen.
Rolf - A dachshund loses a leg and finds his life's calling—as a therapy dog!
Dog Diaries ...

• Chapter Books
• Historical Novel
• Author: Kate Kloimo
• Illustrator: Tim Jessell
• 160 Pages
• Reading Level: Ages 7-10, Grades 1-4
• Reinforced Library Binding

Dog Diaries (6 titles)
Dash - Dog Diaries #5
Sweetie - Dog Diaries #6
Stubby - Dog Diaries #7
Fala - Dog Diaries #8
Sparky - Dog Diaries #9
Rolf - Dog Diaries #10



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