Mystery & Mayhem

Mystery & Mayhem ...

Whet kids’ appetites for history by engaging them in genres with proven track records—mystery and adventure!

The Mystery & Mayhem series delves into these tidbits of history to provide kids with a jumping-off point into a lifelong habit of appreciating history. Five tales in each book. Each chapter opens with some maps and closes with a “What Happened Next?” summary, some other historical events for the time period, and a glossary.

Kirkus Reviews: ". . . Recommend this to fans of the I Survived… series who might be seeking a bit more fact and a little less fiction. A breezy offering just right for fans of survival tales."
Booklist - The true stories themselves are thrilling enough to keep older readers engaged, and will likely spur further exploration.

Daring Heists: Stolen artwork, an adrenaline-driven train robbery, and brilliant masters of thievery
Great Escape: five ingenious departures, including the one perpetuated by William and Ellen Craft, who donned disguises and made a 1,000-mile run for freedom. Another man, Douglas Mawson, battled a power greater than any human villain, when in 1913, Mother Nature trapped Mawson in her icy Antarctic jaws.
Pirates and Shipwrecks: McCarthy spins five yarns of bloodthirsty pirates and harrowing shipwrecks.
Rebels and Revolutions: Throughout American history, people who worked to radically change society have been criticized, arrested, and even killed. Rebels and Revolutions explores the lives of five firebrands who used muskets and marches, boycotts and lawsuits in their struggle for justice.
Survival: readers discover accounts of survival that required innovation, a thirst for adventure, and even a bit of brutality. Whether it’s Shackleton on the frozen landscape of Antarctica or William Bligh and his loyal followers adrift in the Pacific after mutiny on the Bounty
Weird Disappearances: Where did Virginia Dare and the rest of the colonists of Roanoke go? Did Anastasia Romanov escape being murdered by revolutionaries? Weird Disappearances features five true tales that examine moments in history when someone vanished without a trace.

Mystery & Mayhem ...

• Biographies
• Author: Assorted
• 128 Pages
• 5.7” x 8.8”
• Reading Level: Grade 4 – Age 9
• Interest Level: Ages 9-13 – Grades 4-7
• School Library: $119.70 - $19.95 each
• Reinforced Library Binding
• 2017

Mystery & Mayhem (6 titles)
Daring Heists: Real tales of Sensational Robberies and
Robbers, Tom McCarthy
Great Escapes: Real Tales of Harrowing Getaways, Judy
Dodge Cummings

Pirates and Shipwrecks: Real Tales of Terror on the High
Seas, Tom McCarthy
Rebels and Revolutions: Real Tales of Radical Change in
America, Judy Dodge Cummings
Survival: Real Tales of Endurance in the Face of Disaster,
Tom McCarthy
Weird Disappearances: Real Tales of Missing People, Tom











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