Lucky 8

Lucky 8 ...

Makayla and Liam Park have just moved into Deadwood Hill. While the house is new to them, a witch lived on that exact spot centuries ago. Liam discovers a Magic 8 Ball in the attic that knows things it shouldn't. Is it helpful or haunted? Does the Magic 8 Ball have something to do with a girl's disappearance last year? Can the Magic 8 Ball help Makayla and Liam rescue the missing girl?

The series features charming illustrations that suit the spooky, fantastical tone of the books and will draw in middle grade readers. The text is very readable, with bold fonts featured throughout. Written at a second grade reading level, this series has engaging illustrations and a supernatural theme that will appeal to horror fans. – School Library Journal

In the same format as:
Adventures of Samuel Oliver, Along for the Ride, Clairvoyant Claire, Gavin Mcnally, Rm. 201, Robyn Hood and Ursula’s Funland.

Lucky 8 ...

• Fiction, Myteries
• HiLo

• Chapter Books
• Author: Lea Taddonio
• Full-Color Illustrations
• Reading Level: Grade 2 – Age 7
• Interest Level: Grades 2-8 – Ages 7-14
• 48 Pages
• 5.25”x 7.25”
• List: $114.00 – School Library: $ 83.80 = $20.95 each (30% off list)
• Reinforced Library Binding

Lucky 8 (4 titles)
Book 1: Welcome to Deadwood Hill
Book 2: The Curse of Deadwood Hill
Book 3: Deadwood Hill Strikes Back
Book 4: The Deadwood Hill Trap


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