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Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl

Zita - A headstrong young girl makes a hasty decision and finds herself in a galaxy far, far away in this graphic-novel shining star. Confident Zita finds a strange device in a meteor crater while playing with her more timorous best friend, Joseph. Impetuously, she accidentally activates the device, and before they can say “lift off,” the duo ends up on an ill-fated planet, with Joseph about to be sacrificed by an alien doomsday cult and Zita determined to save him. Hatke’s skill shines: His characters are richly imagined and portrayed, from the loyal, bumbling. Hatke takes a page from epic adventures like Jeff Smith’s Bone and Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet and throws in a dash of intergalactic zest for a winning combination, sure to captivate young graphic-novel aficionados. – Kirkus Starred Review

Mighty Jack - In Hatke’s reworking of “Jack and the Beanstalk,” Jack must care for his younger sister, Maddy, while his single mother holds down two jobs over the summer. Maddy doesn’t speak, but she’s entranced by the magic seeds she and Jack pick up from a shady dealer at a flea market, in exchange for their mother’s car keys. Once they plant them, their home-schooled, sword-wielding neighbor Lilly is curious about their new garden, too—a little too curious. Hatke (Little Robot) revels in drawing the fantasy plants: green hands that reach out and grab, tiny onion-headed creatures, melons with teeth. There’s action and menace aplenty, including a dragon whose ferocity only Maddy can quell, and flashes of intimacy, too, as when Jack’s mother’s anger melts into compassion as she sees her son in tears, or when Maddy suddenly speaks. Jack’s desperate efforts to juggle the needs of three complex female characters drive this sensitive retelling. – Publishers Weekly 

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Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl

• Shipping Early September
• Author: Ben Hatke
• 6 Volumes
• Full-Color Graphic Novels
• Measures: 6.2” x 8.5” x .7”
• 192 - 272 Pages

• Ages 8-14 / Grades 3-8
• Hardcover

Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl Graphic Novels - 6 Volumes - NOW ON SALE - 25% off     (Full Sets Only)
Zita the Spacegirl (Zita the Spacegirl Series #1)
Legends of Zita the Spacegirl (Zita the Spacegirl Series #2)
The Return of Zita the Spacegirl(Zita the SpacegirlSeries#3)
Mighty Jack (Mighty Jack Series #1) - Out-of-Stock
Mighty Jack and the Goblin King (Mighty Jack Series #2)
Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl (Mighty Jack Series #3)

$ 79.47


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