It’s time for your mission to Uranus! Jump in your super speedy rocket to explore Uranus's size, atmosphere, emperature, gravity, orbits, clouds, rings, winds, and storms. Basic solar system facts are brought to life with a focus on what questions scientists are still trying to solve. Each book ends with a section on how scientists
discovered the facts that have been presented. Bright, colorful illustrations and straightforward text make this topic accessible for even the youngest astronomer.

Your Mission To...

• Ages: Pre-K-4
• Pages: 32
• Reinforced Library Binding Only from Kids Reference!
• Sold as 8-Volume Set #M676-8
• Price: $159.60



Your Mission to Earth
Your Mission to Jupiter
Your Mission to Mars

Your Mission to Mercury
Your Mission to Neptune
Your Mission to Saturn
Your Mission to Uranus

Your Mission to Venus


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