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Toon Books...

Toon Books (an imprint of Candlewick Press) are innovative leveled readers created in a graphic format to inspire brand new, emergent and advanced readers visually. Kids Reference offers you the most recent in each level; beginning at Kindergarten - up to 6rd grade.

Each title has received rave reviews from SLJ, Booklist, Kirkus and the NY Times for their inventive illustrations, engaging format and wondrous storytelling.

Toon Books...

• Author: Assorted
Ages 5-12
Grades: K-5

32-80 pages
• 9 Volume “TOON Leveled Readers”: $118.55 --
Now 25% off  -- $88.91


Level 1
Gr. K-1, 200-300 easy sight words, short sentences, 1-2 characters, 1 panel per page, landscape
Chick and Chickie Play All Day, Claude Ponti / A Trip to the Bottom of the World
(2), Frank Viva Barry’s Best Buddy, Renee French

Level 2
Gr. 1-2, 300-600 words, short sentences and repetition, story arc with a few characters, 1-4 panels
Maya Makes a Mess, Rutu Modan / Benny and Penny in Lights Out
(1), Geoffrey Hayes /
Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas (1), Philippe Coudray

Level 3
Gr. 2-3, 800+ words, long sentences, broad world, chapters, connect and speculate
The Shark King
(1), R. Kikuo Johnson / Zig and Wikki in the Cow (2), Nadja Spiegelman

TOON Graphic Novel
– Gr. 3-5, 1000+ words, broad world, shifts in time and place
The Secret of the Stone Frog
(2), David Nytra

Maya Makes a Mess (1)
Lights Out (3)
Bright Ideas! (3)
The Shark King (3)
The Cow (4)
Stone Frog (4)
Barry's Best Buddy (2)
Chick and Chickie Play All Day (1)
A Trip to the Bottom of the Sea (3)

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