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Lunar Chronicles...

“…this futuristic twist on Cinderella retains just enough of the original that readers will enjoy spotting the subtle similarities. But debut author Meyer’s brilliance is in sending the story into an entirely new, utterly thrilling dimension.

Cinder is a talented teenage mechanic and cyborg—part human, part robot—who has been living in New Beijing with a demanding adoptive mother and two stepsisters, ever since her late stepfather took Cinder in after a hovercraft accident. Several events abruptly turn Cinder’s world upside down. Meyer’s far-future Earth is richly imagined, full of prejudice and intrigue, characters easy to get invested in.” — Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“What they [readers] do not know until they begin turning the pages of this fable-turned-dystopian-science-fiction novel, is that Meyer’s embellishments create a spellbinding story of their own. "A great choice for all ages, with strong appeal for both girls and boys, these novels will be read and enjoyed—repeatedly.” — VOYA, starred review

Futuristic society, cyborgs, aliens, an evil queen and political intrigue with a nod to the original fairy tales the characters are inspired by, Cinderella (Cinder), Red Riding Hood (Scarlet) and Rapunzel (Cress); this sci fi / fantasy series keeps the momentum accelerating.

*Fourth installment “Fairest” due late January 2015.

Lunar Chronicles...

Authors: Marissa Meyer
Grades: 7-12 YA
Ages 12-17
448 - 560 pages, Hardcover
4 Volume “Lunar Chronicles Series” Collection” $71.96

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1)
Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles Series #2)
Cress (The Lunar Chronicles Series #3)
Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles Series #4)

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