Welcome to Kids Reference Preview Program in cooperation with
Diamond Lake Book Company (division of Abdo Publishing.)

Here’s how it works:

•    Kids Reference gives you a call to schedule 1 or 2 preview boxes to arrive at your library at a time of your choosing.  

•    Be sure to keep one copy of the invoice for your records.

•    Choose from Non-Fiction and Fiction packages – select a preferred grade level as well.


  •    You do not have to wait for us to call you to return the books – if you are done before we call you back, just give them to UPS please.
•    Inside the box is approximately 40 Library Bound titles, 2 copies of a pro forma invoice, an Authorized UPS Return Label, and a Budget Savers Sale List.   •    WAIT - Hang onto that Budget Savers Sale List! It is a great opportunity to fill in what’s missing in your collection.
•    Once the box arrives you have an opportunity to pick and choose, hands on, the titles you wish to keep based on what suits your library.

•    Seal the box back up and put the UPS Return Label on top.

•    Put the books back in the box that you do not wish to keep.


  •    The next time UPS is in your library, just point out the box to them and they will take it away.

•    There is never any obligation to buy, and we will never charge you for books you don't want to purchase.

  •    Once your preview box is received back in the warehouse, you will be mailed an invoice for the books you kept.

*Feel free to schedule a preview online. Just shoot us an email through our website with your preview selections and a ship date.

Current Preview Offers - 2017 Pub Dates! 


1760-S Adventures in Reading - K-3
Fiction Chapter Books - (34)

Time Twisters
Black Lagoon - Set 4
Band Geeks - Set 2
Carlos & Carmen - Set 3
Hank the Pet Sitter
Mars Bound


1775-S Spotlight Graphic Novels - PreK-5
Fiction - (49)
Avengers K
Disney Kingdoms: Big Thunder Mountain
Disney Kingdoms: Figment - Set 2
Disney Kingdoms: Haunted Mansion
Star Wars
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Ghostbusters


1770-S Earth, Sea & Sky - PreK-2 
Non-Fiction - (54)
Ocean Animals
In the Sky
Our Renewable Earth
Powerful Machines / Simple Machines
I Like Anmals / Farm Animals
Cats - Set 2


1765-S Laugh & Learn - K-4
Non-Fiction - (44)
Awesome Animals in Their Habitats
Awesome Animal Heroes
Awesome Super Simple Habitat Projects
Super Simple Origami
Big Buddy Jokes / First Drawings
Cool Main Dish Recipes


High School Heroes - Grades: 6-12
Fiction & Non-Fiction - (24)
Hidden Heroes
American Royalty
Texas Fridays
7080-2 United States Presidents - Grades: 2-5
Fiction - (44)

7302-5 United States of America - Grades: 4-8
Fiction - (52)


1790-S Letters, Leaders & Landmarks - PreK-2
Fiction - (55)
The Alphabet: Aa - Zz (26)
Olympic Biographies
Stars of Music
Military Aircraft & Vehicles
Technology Pioneers / US Landmarks
1750-S Get in the Game - NFL - Grades: 3-9
Fiction / Non-Fiction - (50)
1745-S BookBlast - Graphics - Grades: 6-12
Fiction - (43)
1730-S The Next Chapter - Grades: 2-8
Fcition Chapter Books - (43)


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